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How Reckitt is building a transformative culture of quality
and its strategic impact


Many would argue, culture is a central element of quality management because the quality function is only successful when the rest of the organization is on board. So how much more effective could your organization become if it were to take steps to enhance its culture of quality? Watch now to find out how Reckitt is building a transformative culture of quality and how and where to get started.


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Watch now for insights on how to:

  • Transition from a reactive to proactive culture of quality
  • Inspire your teams to go beyond process
  • Formulate an action plan to get started
  • Impact of technology on culture of quality

Hosting the Webinars


Ed Van Siclen

Vice President, Strategy & Business Development


Ed Van Siclen brings significant experience helping businesses gain traction and drive growth within new markets by focusing on customer success. Prior to joining Veeva, Ed led sales, marketing and business development functions at ClearCare, a vertical SaaS company servicing the home care market. At ClearCare, Ed managed the end-to-end business development processes from demand generation to contract close. Ed has also held sales leadership roles at several technology companies, including Legato Systems, Tivoli Systems, BEA, Adobe, and Salesforce.


Breda Quinn

Global Transformation Quality Director


Breda brings over 30 years Industry experience, predominantly within the pharmaceuticals industry across R&D, Manufacturing & Quality. Continuously curious to learn and passionate about change and improving processes whilst implementing technology that will improve the user experience. She also loves to walk miles every week whilst listening to podcasts!

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