5 Steps to Navigate Complexity and Drive Strategic Value

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Watch Part 1 of our webinar series to get insights on how to navigate the complexities of regulatory affairs, enhance operational efficiency and find your North Star.

Uncover a strategic 5-step approach to digital transformation in the complex chemical market with Adrian's expert insights.

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5 Step to Make A Difference - Regulatory Webinar

Part 1:

5 Step to Navigate Complexity and Drive Strategic Value

Tech enthusiast Adrian introduces the digital transformation playbook. Explore his five-step approach, including insights from customer testimonials and Veeva solutions.


Join us on this exciting journey towards operational efficiency. We look forward to your participation!

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Adrian von Mühlenen

Director of RegulatoryOne Chemical Strategy

Veeva Systems

Adrian von Mühlenen is the Director of RegulatoryOne Chemical Strategy, where he leverages his 15+ years in R&D, business development, digital transformation, and product stewardship and his enthusiasm for technology and organizational development.

Before Veeva, Adrian founded and led the digital product passport (DPP) team in Catena-X as a representative of BASF and evaluated in the BASF startup incubator a digital tool to extract and validate material information from Safety Data Sheets (SDSs). Adrian holds a Ph.D. in material science and an M.Sc. in Micro Engineering.

Founded in 2007, Veeva's cloud solutions are trusted by more than 1000+ customers in 165+ countries.


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