Customer Interview: Uponor


Learn how Uponor is using Veeva QualityOne to modernize their quality document and process management systems.

Veeva Customer Interview with Uponor

Q: What are the key benefits of using a cloud-based solution like Veeva’s QualityOne application?
A: The primary benefit is going to be having suppliers being able to access the platform and fill out their own required documents. That way, there’s not so much back-and-forth in emails; they just get it done. And that also allows them to answer corrective actions and advanced deviations in their own words, and it’s not me trying to paraphrase what they’ve told me.

Another big benefit, though, is because it’s a cloud-based solution, we’ll have mobile access. So when I’m out on the shop floor, I can take photos and update it directly to the record. And one thing that’ll also enable is that the workflow responses are going to become a lot better because we’ll be able to access the system on our phones when we’re just going about our day instead of having to open up our laptops and start that all up.

Q: How would you describe your experience working with the Veeva team?
A: The people at Veeva have been very open and friendly, and we’re still working on the configuration. But so far, we’ve been pretty demanding on Veeva. So we’ve been doing emails and phone calls [with them], and that’s been good.

But what we’ve also had to do now is same-day video calls that last for fours, and they’re really open to it. And we’ll just step through the process, the whole workflow, and iron out all of the details live. That way, I get exactly what I want, and that’s been really good for me. And I think it’s been pretty generous of Veeva to go through that process [with us].

Any concerns or new requirements that I have of them, they just seem to, like, double down and meet the expectations I had. I’m overall very confident about Veeva’s abilities to meet the end goal.

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