Customer Stories: IT and Business Acting as One Team



Philip Morris International (PMI) completely transforms their business with the objective to deliver a smoke-free future. Massimo Loss, IT Product & Corporate Quality Manager at PMI, explains why a close collaboration between IT and business functions is essential:

"We are talking about a digital business transformation and not only a digital transformation. Avoid focusing just on technology or on moving processes from paper to bytes without considering what is the evolution required by the organization and how the processes need to be reviewed. It is fundamental to understand the business, the industry and - most important - the customer needs. Only when business functions and IT work together as a team can we define priorities and work on successful execution."

This quote is an extract of our 2021 Summit session "IT is from Mars, Business is from Venus". In this panel discussion, Business and IT leaders from PMI and Reckitt share how they achieved the IT-Business mind-meld needed to succeed in digital business transformation projects. Watch now >

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