New Chapter: Modernizing Quality Document Processes with Veeva QualityOne



Learn why dietary supplement producer New Chapter Inc. chose Veeva QualityOne to modernize their quality document systems to drive day-to-day business decisions, workflows and personnel timelines.

Veeva Customer Interview with New Chapter

Q: What was the business case or driver to look for a new solution?
A: Paper is cumbersome; it’s also really slow. So we were really looking at process efficiency and ways to really maximize output with fewer inputs, if that makes sense. So really being able to have an electronic system that was really driving workflow and making personnel stick to timelines was something that was pretty appealing to us at the time.

Q: How has your experience been working with the Veeva Services team?
A: Working with Veeva has been an awesome experience. The expertise that you guys and your team bring has really been invaluable. You know, it’s something where we, like I said, were paper-based before. Moving to an electronic system and having electronic processes for some of these more historic processes was something that was new territory for us.

Our corporate parent was operating on a separate quality system that, you know, they tried to influence and bring to us in the beginning. But it was very much the square peg in a round hole. It just didn’t fit our type of business. So having you guys and your team, just having the knowledge of our industry and, you know, being able to just give us that insight of, you know, maybe shift our processes slightly or just giving some examples of what other customers of yours have done. I think it was really helpful just to help shape our own internal programs, even something as simple as having the dashboard functions.

So being able to really utilize, you know, at-your-finger digital information to be making business decisions on the day-to-day. Whereas before, it was something that, you know, it would take, you know, days or weeks to compile big reports. And then, you know, that would go to quality leadership. And then, you know, some of that info would then be verbally transferred to our suppliers, our contract manufacturers.

But it was just really timely now being able to just sort of click a button and have that kind of, you know, just being generated constantly for us has been really helpful.

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