Syngenta: Establishing a Single Source of Truth for Regulatory


Veeva Customer Interview with Syngenta

Q: What was the business case or driver to look for a new solution:
A: So the primary business driver that we had to look at Veeva as a solution was the fact that we were working across multiple systems. We were in at least five different software solutions, plus multiple Excel sheets and SharePoint lists.

We were recording data in multiple places; a lot of duplication, no single source of truth on that data, [and] documents were managed in different life cycles in different systems. So we had to get control over all of that to create efficiencies within our organizations, but even more importantly, to be able to actually manage the knowledge within the company and know what we submitted where and when we submitted it.

Q: How has your experience been working with the Veeva Services team?
A: My experience with the Services team has been excellent. The first day they came on-site, we sat down and reviewed our business process. And from that day forward, we built two subjunctive processes.

They challenged me where they thought the process could be improved based on the functionality that Veeva could offer, or if the process just didn’t really make sense. We had really good dialogue around that and we were able to identify some areas where we can make improvements. And they were just super open and super honest about what they saw in our processes and how we can manage our data most effectively. It was a wonderful experience.

I think the biggest thing that has surprised me is that the users are coming up with their own ideas [about] how they could improve minor improvements to processes here and there if we could just, you know, alter this little field or include that little field. Configuration is so easy that I can do it myself, and it’s done within a couple of minutes. And we can make tiny incremental changes to keep our users happy [and] increase adoption.

And then they’ve also come up with a lot of bigger ideas for removing some of our other processes into Veeva, so we started with moving our commercial registration processes into Veeva. We have a whole registration process on field chocolate clients and seed movements that we’re looking at wanting to move them to Veeva. And then the potential with the templates and the merge fields authoring to do some of our easier to fill out forms. I think we’re going to have some massive gains in that area.



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