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One year ago, Syngenta went live with their cloud-based solution from Veeva for their regulatory and product safety teams. We asked Dr. Mike Heneghan, Technology Solutions and Services Lead at Syngenta, how he would describe the end user experience after this first year. Here comes his answer:
"Essentially, we did a survey shortly after the implementation of Veeva and the results were, I can only say astounding there in terms of the positivity. 

Obviously when you implement a new system, you expect relatively low marks to start with. I think as people then started to understand some of the complexity that is inherent in the system then we've dropped off a little bit from from that very high level. But overall if I had to assess where we are versus where I thought we would be, then we are in a much better position than I thought would be. 

We get a lot of good (feedback) and especially with the performance being very good. That's a pain point we don't hear of anymore."

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