Product and Marketing Claims Management


Product and Marketing Claims Management

Companies today need agility to adapt to changing market conditions and seize new opportunities. Strong, differentiating product and marketing claims are essential. At the same time, scrutiny around claims from regulators, competitors, and consumers has never been greater. Yet many companies still manage their claims processes with the loosely connected web of shared folders, email and spreadsheets. This is inefficient, and introduces a significant risk.

There is a better way: Veeva Claims.

Veeva Claims is a single solution to manage the end-to-end process for marketing and product claims, from initial request through substantiation and approvals, to usage-in-market. This modern, cloud-based solution’s navigation, search and filtering capabilities are based on the consumer web, so it’s as easy to use as Amazon or Google. And it’s accessible from any device with a browser.

Configurable workflows route a claim or marketing asset through the review and approval process, with tasks specific to the user clearly displayed along with deadlines and level of urgency. Tasks are linked to the claim or asset so you can review, add annotations, or take action.

Veeva Claims establishes a single source of truth for all claims at every stage of the life cycle. Filter by brand, product, or geography to show the most current approved claims. A claim record shows full detail around permissible usage, specific language, required footnotes, permitted marketing channels and countries, as well as translations.

The Library stores all assets related to claims in one location, from substantiation documentation to marketing assets linked to claims, natively rendering more than 50 file types with audit trails and version histories.

Veeva Claims also delivers full upstream and downstream traceability. If a claim is challenged, finding the substantiation and marketing assets using that claim is one click away, allowing you to respond quickly and minimize risk and disruption to the business. Finally, configurable reports and dashboards provide oversight and visibility. Drill down by brand, geography or another parameter. Identify bottlenecks and streamline the process.

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