25 Years of HACCP: How New Technology Can Improve Food Safety Outcomes


During this 25th anniversary year of the landmark US food safety legislation that established HACCP, it’s natural to reflect on how far food safety has progressed and how it is likely to continue advancing in the coming years.

Food Safety ‘Ever-evolving’, Ripe for Modernization

In a recent USDA press release reflecting on this milestone, FSIS Administrator Paul Kiecker acknowledged that, “Food safety is an ever-evolving process. HACCP marked a dramatic change in food safety and how FSIS approached its mission of keeping food safe and role of inspecting processing establishments,” said Kiecker.

For those working in food safety within the food & beverage industry, maintaining HACCP compliance is essential, and can take up a significant amount of time and resources. This is exacerbated by the fact that in most companies, HACCP processes, documents, and data are managed in siloed systems and spreadsheets. This ‘system’ is inefficient, can lead to manual errors that increase food safety risks, and makes visibility nearly impossible. 

In recent years, innovative food and beverage companies have recognized food safety as an area ripe for modernization to drive greater efficiency and accuracy. In partnership with cloud technology vendors like Veeva, they have pushed for an easy-to-use and comprehensive food safety management solution that is unified with their existing QA/QC systems. 

Therefore I am honored to announce that Veeva’s unified, cloud-based QualityOne software application has expanded to include Food Safety capabilities. 

New Food Safety Capabilities Drive Efficiency and Reduce Risk

QualityOne Food Safety provides a comprehensive solution for Food Safety and Quality Management. These new capabilities replace existing manual and inefficient HACCP processes, tasks, and status tracking. The solution ensures transparency, visibility and efficiency through streamlining the creation and management of HACCP plans. 

Built within the unified QualityOne solution, the execution of an organization’s HACCP plan is linked with QualityOne’s document control, training management, QMS and HSE applications for greater compliance and efficiency. It features easy-to-use HACCP plan creation and management functionality, with automated workflows and task management. 

Additionally, adopting QualityOne Food Safety capabilities enables users to create ingredient and process HACCP plans, draw information from a hazard library, and link the HACCP plan with product and ingredient information records. They can also ensure compliance with requirements through custom risk matrices and decision trees. And it’s all built on our flexible and configurable Vault Platform, making the solution scalable to your organization’s evolving needs.

In addition to saving time and resources, reporting and dashboarding capabilities will enable admins and users to both dive deep within a HACCP plan, and view a wide perspective across multiple HACCP plans. The resulting holistic view of HACCP plans and status will enable teams to analyze data, identify trends and extract insights for food safety’s continuous improvement. 

Click here to watch a short video about Veeva QualityOne’s new Food Safety  capabilities

Interested in learning how this solution could be applied in your organization? Contact me to set up a quick conversation about your Food Safety management challenges and explore how Veeva can help.


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