7 Best Practices for Demonstrating Quality Digitization’s ROI


In the previous posts in this series have covered, market leading CPG enterprises share seven priorities for driving growth and maintaining competitive advantage, and are increasingly shoring up the digital foundation for their quality functions to support operational excellence

In this final post, we reveal the seven best practices for demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) from linking digitalization with quality management in consumer products companies. We recommend using these seven lenses to examine your organization for the potential cost savings and qualitative business benefits needed to win support for your digitization efforts. 

1. Cost Reduction: 

One way to showcase ROI is by highlighting cost reductions achieved through digital quality management. For example, automation of manual processes can lead to time savings, increased efficiency, and reduced labor costs. By quantifying these cost savings, companies can demonstrate the financial benefits of digitalization in quality management.

2. Improved Productivity: 

Digital solutions can enhance productivity by streamlining workflows, eliminating bottlenecks, and reducing errors. By measuring and comparing productivity metrics before and after implementing digital quality management systems, companies can showcase the time and resource savings achieved. This can include metrics such as cycle time reduction, faster response to quality issues, and improved overall process efficiency.

3. Enhanced Compliance: 

Regulatory compliance is a critical aspect for consumer products companies. Digital quality management systems help streamline compliance processes, reduce the risk of non-compliance, and minimize associated penalties or fines. By quantifying the cost savings or avoided penalties resulting from improved compliance, companies can demonstrate the ROI of their digital quality management initiatives.

4. Reduced Quality Costs: 

Digitalization can lead to better quality control and proactive quality management, resulting in reduced quality costs associated with scrap, rework, and customer returns. By measuring and tracking quality metrics such as defect rates, customer complaints, and warranty claims, companies can showcase the financial impact of improved product quality achieved through digital quality management.

5. Faster Time to Market: 

Digitalization can expedite product development and time to market, allowing consumer products companies to seize market opportunities more quickly. By quantifying the revenue generated from faster product launches or increased market share, companies can demonstrate the ROI of their digital quality management investments.

6. Improved Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty: 

Digital quality management systems can help ensure product consistency, reliability, and customer satisfaction. By measuring customer satisfaction scores, repeat purchase rates, and customer loyalty metrics, companies can connect digital quality management initiatives to improved customer experiences and long-term revenue growth.

7. Competitive Advantage: QUALITY WEBINAR Ad

Digitalization in quality management can provide a competitive advantage by enabling companies to differentiate themselves in the market. By demonstrating how digital capabilities have contributed to increased market share, customer acquisition, or improved brand perception, companies can showcase the ROI behind their digital quality management investments.

It's important for consumer products companies to establish clear metrics, track relevant data, and align their ROI calculations with strategic business objectives. By quantifying the financial, operational, and customer-centric benefits of digital quality management, companies can effectively demonstrate the value and ROI of their digitization initiatives.

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