Greener By Design: Digital Solutions Enabling a Sustainable Tomorrow


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“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children”. These ancient words resonate as the food and beverage (F&B) industry embraces sustainability while aiming to remain profitable.

Surprisingly, amidst this pursuit, two unexpected allies have emerged: quality and digital. Together, they synergise efforts, weaving silos to drive sustainable outcomes with optimism and determination.

Quality Departments – Your Unsung Heroes

Quality management solutions, equipped with predictive capabilities, have propelled Quality departments to embrace digital transformation early. This proactive approach has enhanced agility and transparency, aligning with sustainability objectives. They house valuable data on sustainable development goals, and with the ‘Asia and The Pacific SDG Progress Report’ indicating that APAC  is missing up to 50% of this data, this presents organisations with a significant opportunity for improvement.

Let’s look at three key examples:

Managing-Credibility-and-Protecting-Brands-From-Greenwashing261. Simplifying Initiatives Towards Value Chain Decarbonisation: Investor demand has made ESG risk reduction a top priority for F&B companies. Meat industries face up to $11 billion in decarbonisation taxes. Ingredient-focused regulations like the EU deforestation regulation are escalating compliance costs for EU food manufacturers, potentially reaching up to $5 billion. Digital platforms for Supplier Quality Management could not only significantly reduce these costs but help upskill suppliers as these regulations grow.

2. Aiding Employee Education & Well-Being: The food sector could incur $2 trillion in annual sustainability non-compliance costs by 2050. Immediate action to train staff on sustainable practices is crucial. HSE has become a top three sustainability priority for businesses, included in 90% of certifications. Tools like Veeva’s HSE Management, which integrates incident and learning systems, can enable proactive supply chain interventions.

3. Managing Credibility and Protecting Brands From Greenwashing: Greenwashing can cause significant reputational damage, with 73% of consumers believing companies overstate sustainability efforts. Concerns arise when alternative protein options have high sodium levels, possibly undermining sustainability versus health claims. Digital tools like Veeva Claims Management can monitor these claims across the value chain, averting greenwashing and simplifying reporting between departments.

Taking Responsibility of Digital Adoption

F&B companies need to acknowledge the opportunities in digital adoption, driven by investors and regulators, not just consumers. Sustainability assurance is now a vital opportunity to excel. Veeva’s digital solutions offer unified and traceable data, empowering quality departments to exceed expectations and provide assured credibility in achieving sustainability goals.

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