Digital Increases Resilience and Agility: Recapping the 2022 Veeva Industries Virtual Summit

Summit Recap 2022

The 2022 Veeva Industries’ Virtual Summit brought together leaders from the consumer packaged goods, food and beverage, and chemicals industries to offer their insight into how they are managing the unprecedented disruption in today's economic environment by building resilience through a digital transformation. 

Speakers and participants discussed the challenges their businesses were facing and how they’re innovating to stay ahead of changing consumer requirements for safe, sustainable, and trusted products. Also discussed is how they were able to harness the power of digital technologies to navigate today’s market disruptions. Access the full catalog of sessions on-demand by registering here

Succeeding in the Digital Future: Day 1 Recap 

Day 1 kicked off with discussions about how companies have harnessed disruption to gain an edge over their competition, and how they measured ESG performance in a transparent and robust manner.

Other sessions covered unlocking innovation across the consumer product value chain, and how companies could leverage that innovation to bring products to market faster.

To wrap up the day’s sessions, Veeva’s Derek Wagland walked participants through some key highlights and upcoming innovations planned at Veeva for 2023 and beyond.

Read our Day 1 recap, or request access to watch the sessions on-demand. 

Quality’s Role in Business Resilience: Day 2 Recap

The theme of Day 2 was quality management, including the role of quality in strengthening business and supply chain resilience, and best practices for managing food safety in today’s uncertain world.

Other sessions looked at how co-manufacturing could help a company improve its agility and ways to manage quality in a co-manufacturing environment.

Closing out the day’s activities was an overview of new features coming to Veeva’s QualityOne suite and the growth of Veeva’s Vault Training application.

Read our Day 2 recap, or request access to watch the sessions on-demand. 

How Digital is Elevating Regulatory Affairs: Day 3 Recap

Regulatory affairs issues dominated Day 3 of the Virtual Summit. Topics included addressing the disparate needs of compliance stakeholders and a look at how one company has managed its regulatory affairs digital transformation. And with trust and transparency being dominant factors in specialty chemicals, managing compliance across borders was a timely topic. 

For the day's final session, Veeva's regulatory product experts shared the essentials of how the RegulatoryOne solution brings value to regulatory professionals across the industries Veeva serves, as well as its product vision and plans. 

Read our Day 3 recap, or request access to watch the sessions on-demand. 

Product Claims' Digital Transformation: Day 4 Recap

For the fourth and final day of the 2022 Veeva Industries’ Virtual Summit, discussions were centered on reimagining advertising and product claims management as a driver of innovation and growth. 

And with sustainability becoming one of the key factors consumers are looking for when deciding which products they will buy, a look at what risks are involved in sustainability claims was an appropriate topic for the final session of the Summit. 

Read our Day 4 recap, or request access to watch the sessions on-demand. 

Thanks for joining the 2022 Veeva Industries’ Virtual Summit!

If you could not attend one or more days of the Veeva Industries’ Virtual Summit, you still have the opportunity to access all of the informative and timely discussions held during the 4-day event. There is no cost to access event material.

We hope to see you next year - in person! 


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