Identify Food Ingredient Risks Faster with New Technology Integration


By Mark Bräsler, Director for F&B Strategy Europe, Veeva and Asli Solmaz-Kaiser, CEO,  iComplai

Between pandemic shutdowns, the war in Ukraine, and escalating impacts of climate change, Food & Beverage (F&B) companies are facing unprecedented supply chain disruption. 

Among other impacts, these numerous and ongoing disruptions have decreased manufacturer’s visibility into the downstream supply of food ingredients. Coupled with workforce reductions, supplier and ingredient risk levels are at an all time high. 

Leading F&B companies are turning to technology solutions to help them consistently bring compliant, high-quality products to market faster, no matter the market circumstances.

Veeva and iComplai: Solution Integration for More Proactive Ingredient Risk Management

Veeva and iComplai are collaborating to integrate two of their purpose-built solutions for the F&B industry. This proposed integration will enable customers to more proactively manage ingredient risks.

Veeva QualityOne is a cloud-based software solution for document control, training, eQMS, Food Safety and HSE processes. 

iComplai is an industry-leading food safety intelligence platform specializing in predictive raw material risk information.

Based on customer requests, iComplai plans to integrate its early warning and surveillance system for raw materials with Veeva’s QualityOne, allowing users to act upon tailored, real-time notifications and alerts.

Integrated, Real-time Global Ingredient Scanning will Enhance Supplier Risk Management

This integrated supplier risk management offering is intended to supplement internal supplier data and quality assurance systems with external early warning data, giving teams real-time insights and enabling proactive risk mitigation.

The iComplai integration with QualityOne will offer new functionality for our customers:

  • Automatic user notifications in QualityOne when alerts from iComplai match ingredients in a HACCP plan
  • Active risk assessment of affected ingredients by highlighting impacted ingredients in the HACCP plan 
  • Critical alerts from iComplai flagging new ingredients or combinations of ingredients in HACCP plans with potential risk consideration

Beyond simply managing emerging food ingredient risk faster, the integration is also intended to improve customers’ overall food safety programs:

  • Ensuring the integrity of the HACCP system by integrating real-time material risk information and enabling faster response to risk assessment changes 
  • Facilitate up-to-date food fraud vulnerability and mitigation plans based on latest ingredient risk information
  • Enable Food Safety managers to take a risk-based approach to supplier management programs by understanding up-to-date risks and deciding on actions to ensure supply chain continuity
  • Provide vital input for product innovations when new ingredients are considered by identifying and understanding risks before innovation commercialization
  • Help make the transition to more predictive quality assurance systems with early warning and predictive food safety information about food ingredients and suppliers

Ready to Identify Food Ingredient Risks Faster?

Leading F&B companies are leveraging technology solutions like Veeva QualityOne and iComplai to help them consistently bring compliant, high-quality products to market faster, no matter the market circumstances. Are you ready to join them?

To learn more about this integrated solution, watch the demo below or click here to contact us. 



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