Three Industry Innovators Honored with 2021 Veeva Hero Award


At this year’s Quality & Regulatory Global Summit, three innovators received the 2021 Veeva Hero Award in recognition of their productive collaboration and partnership with Veeva. They were — in no special order — Divya Paruchuri of Unilever, Susanne Lingard of FMC Corporation, and Mike Savory of Reckitt.

The Veeva Hero Award was created in 2008 to recognize pioneers in their industries and organizations who have met challenges with out-of-the-box thinking and navigated the complexities of change to improve processes and outcomes in their sphere of responsibility.

As Veeva General Manager and SVP Frank Defesche shared when presenting the awards, “Veeva has always strived to incorporate learning from individuals at the different organizations we are fortunate to partner with, individuals that challenge us, that impact our product strategy or that have the courage and conviction to go hand and hand with us down a journey of innovation. These people help create great solutions for their organizations and make Veeva a better partner to the industries we serve. These are our heroes.” 

Claims Hero Award Winner - Divya Paruchuri, Unilever

Divya Paruchuri led the Unilever team on a very ambitious Veeva Claims implementation, working from India across global time zones, during a pandemic.

Speaking about Divya, Veeva Services Lead Justus Winn-Howard said, “Divya led the most ambitious customer implementation we have had to date (scope, challenge, user base, industry, etc). She is nearly a superhero in her ability to have her finger on the pulse of all areas of implementation, all the while unblocking challenge after challenge as a partner with our services team, product team, and others.”

Divya coordinated feedback from over 100 local cross-functional SMEs across the globe, facilitated connections between the Unilever working group and senior leadership and, despite the sometimes challenging and complex nature of discussions, always led with a positive outlook and the goal of building consensus and moving forward.

Regulatory Hero Award Winner - Susanne Lingard, FMC Corporation

Susanne Lingard was the driving force behind regulatory transformation at FMC, enabling the company to reach the third stage of its global regulatory transformation — incorporating registration management and (soon) content management — in only 12 months.

According to Veeva Chemical Strategy Director Andrew Douglass, “This rapid success is a direct outcome of Susanne’s enthusiasm, vigor, deep knowledge, collaborative style, and clear decision-making, all of which helped our two organizations succeed together.”

Susanne created the vision and the case for change and rallied the organization to execute with speed and excellence. She opened doors, asked difficult questions, and was open to challenges and new ways of thinking.

Quality Hero Award Winner - Mike Savory, Reckitt

Mike Savory has helped ensure Reckitt’s Digital Quality ambitions embrace people, process, technology and data and sponsors the delivery program that has replaced Reckitt’s existing QMS with Veeva QualityOne, whilst establishing a platform that will further enable the company’s desired digital Quality Management transformation, in turn underpinning numerous organizational objectives.

This role required a true cross-product architecture understanding and a vision of the bigger picture and value that implementing a unified enterprise QMS solution could bring. Mike was a true leader bringing both IT and the business together to help Reckitt align on the strategic QMS technology decision, together with advocating a ‘One Virtual Team’ approach to implementation that has proven fundamental to the successful delivery of desired outcomes.

Veeva’s Matt Davies admired Mike’s “ability to challenge Veeva on our product roadmap and strategic direction, enabling us to bring product enhancements to fruition at a much faster rate than originally planned, which will also benefit Veeva’s other customers as well.”

Mike identified potential obstacles throughout the E2E process and removed blockers with a pragmatic and effective approach, bridging many different teams to bring the right stakeholders and skilled resources together at the right times, relentlessly focusing on achieving desired outcomes, and ensuring lasting foundations exist to build a long term collaborative partnership between our organizations.

Congratulations to all three of our 2021 Heroes on this well-deserved recognition!

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