Honoring Three 2022 "Veeva Heros" from the Consumer Products Industries

2022 Hero Award Winners Veeva

To close out 2022, the Veeva Industries team is proud to honor three of our customer innovators as “Veeva Heros” in recognition of their exceptional collaboration and partnership. 

As presented at the 2022 Veeva Industries Virtual Summit, this year’s Heros were — in no particular order:

  • Massimo Loss: Manager of IT, Product & Corporate Quality at Philip Morris International
  • Conall Burns: Global Business Programme Lead at Reckitt
  • Vicky Corpe: Director, Business Analyst at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.

The Veeva Hero Award was created in 2008 to recognize pioneers in their industries and organizations who have met challenges with out-of-the-box thinking, and navigated the complexities of change to improve processes and outcomes in their sphere of responsibility..

As Veeva General Manager Greg Harbin shared when recognizing the winners, “Veeva Heroes are extraordinary people who have had an extraordinary impact on their company and on Veeva's product strategy. The Veeva team thanks each of our Veeva Heros for their partnership and for setting a great example for the Consumer Products industry.”

Massimo Loss

Reflecting on our partnership with Massimo, the Veeva team shared that he has consistently been involved in all projects, driving PMI’s quality transformation program during its global deployment. He has been a key stakeholder since day one of the successful collaboration of PMI and Veeva. Massimo continuously works towards the big picture vision, challenges Veeva and fosters innovation. He was a reliable navigator managing various significant changes of the PMI organization throughout the years. 

The Veeva team agreed that something very special about Massimo is his strong conviction that a close collaboration between IT and business functions is essential: "We are talking about a digital business transformation, not only about digital transformation," Loss said. "It is fundamental to understand the business, the industry and - most important - the customer needs. Only when business functions and IT work together as a team can we define priorities and work on successful execution." 

His energy to support PMI’s major transformation is outstanding. Massimo was also a key stakeholder in developing our joint vision: becoming the key enablers supporting PMI’s transformation towards a smoke-free future.

Conall Burns

Conall stood out to the Veeva team for his exceptional leadership, clear vision, and remarkable ability to execute. 

“Conall has been the main driving force to move Reckitt into digital quality management, connecting different teams and rolling out to global sites,” reflected a Veeva team leader. Conall quickly became a strong ambassador for Veeva at Reckitt and “challenged us within reason and pushed our teams.” Throughout the partnership, Conall helped the Veeva team “gain a tremendous amount of experience and knowledge.” 

“He brings insights and pursues changes that would benefit the entire Consumer Products industry. His team innovates with great resilience, open-mindedness and collaboration. This makes Reckitt one of the top development partners for Veeva in this industry.”

Vicky Corpe

On the first day working together with the Veeva services team, Vicky opened her laptop, which displayed the words "Keep Calm and Carry On". “Those words epitomized the can-do attitude, unwavering work ethic, and resilience that she displayed throughout the partnership,” reflected Veeva team lead Colin Pomerantz. 

“Vicky was seemingly everywhere at all times. When an effort required collaboration across systems, time zones, and teams, Vicky led the charge. In addition, she challenged Veeva and inspired us to make our products and processes better,” said Pomerantz. 

Congratulations to all three of our 2022 Heroes on this well-deserved recognition!


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