Nutritional Products Claims

Company: Fortune 500, 100,000+ employees

Revenue: $25 Billion +

Industries: Nutritional products, medical devices

Geography: Global, based in United States

Veeva Solution: Veeva Claims

The Problem

  • The existing system for managing product claims data and documents was time consuming and disjointed, with siloed information and limited visibility across functions. Claims were developed using spreadsheets and word documents, required manual review, and were approved via email.
  • There was no way to quickly locate relevant content, like claims substantiation and usage, or generate reports or audits
  • The process slowed time to market for new claims and the products that depended on them, as well as responses to legal or regulatory challenges

The Opportunity

  • Modernize claims management process by standardizing existing content as structured data and predefined workflows in the cloud.
  • Introduce intuitive searching and filtering, with the ability to download key documents for off-line use.
  • Ensure compliance by establishing an audit trail for every claim review, approval and rejection.
  • Directly connect substantiation to associated claims.
  • Enable team members working from any location to engage in the process, expediting claims evaluation.
  • Develop reporting and analytic capabilities to track key metrics such as claims usage.
  • Expand strategic relationship with Veeva, an existing, trusted cloud software partner.

The Solution - Veeva Claims

  • Veeva Claims: a single, unified solution to manage the end-to-end claims process and associated data.
  • Streamline workflows improve efficiency by standardizing the review and approval process.
  • Configure to ensure users perform only the right actions and access the right content for their role.
  • Easily search and find permissible claims by brand, usage, geography, and channel. Users can also tracknand compare against competitor claims.
  • Automatically generate audit trails, greatly increasing traceability.
  • One-click connection to substantiation and other supporting documentation simplifies claim changes and challenge responses.
  • Software that is flexible and scalable, with an intuitive UI based on the consumer web.
  • Reduce risk exposure by adopting a validated, yet configurable platform that can grow with their business.

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