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This virtual event featured more than 20 sessions over 4 days covering the highest priority issues facing today's senior quality, regulatory and IT professionals.

Access the complimentary on-demand sessions to learn from quality, regulatory, and product claims experts from the consumer goods, chemical and cosmetics industries about the strategies and tactics they’re using to transform vision into value.

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Manage Risk and Simplify
Product Compliance

Modern Regulatory and Quality Management
Software for the Chemical Industry

Expanding product portfolios, M&A activities and increasing global regulatory demands are stretching quality and regulatory departments. Whatever chemical business you are in, Veeva simplifies and unifies your compliance activities in a single, easy to use cloud solution.


Solutions for the Crop Science Industry

Agility, transparency and efficiency are critical to success in delivering safe crop protection and seed solutions to meet growing global food demands.

Veeva provides solutions to manage your complexity. Gain real-time control and visibility to complex global regulatory portfolios and pipelines connected to source data, documents and activities. Accelerate and simplify regulatory, claims and quality work using templates and workflows that create one truth. Manage globally and act locally using collaboration tools that connect and harmonize internal and external stakeholder activities.    

From regulatory affairs to quality to product claims Veeva harmonizes people, processes, documents and data in an intuitive, 100% secure, user-friendly web-based cloud solution.

Our 775+ customers trust Veeva at every stage of testing, prototyping, study management, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, quality event management, and product claims management.

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Your Challenges - Our Solutions

Global Regulatory Management

Quality Management

Claims Management

Managing global registration portfolios and submission pipelines is a highly complex endeavor prone to errors, delays and inefficiencies.  Digitalizing the entire regulatory process and connecting documents, data and activities helps you to: 

  • Leverage real-time portfolios and pipelines connected
    to source data
  • Simplify submission management using templates,
    automated workflows and publishing tools
  • Track agency communications and commitments
  • Optimize resources and identify bottlenecks
  • Reduce time to market and regulatory errors
  • Enable global coordination and collaboration

"Veeva helps us to overcome challenges in Regulatory and Quality Assurance of BASF’s Crop Protection and Seed & Trait business. Veeva Vault provides a foundation for our digital transformation with great potential within our Agricultural Solution business, but also beyond."

Rainer Becht-Mattern, Head of IS Business Architecture R&D, Crop Protection, BASF

Veevas Solutions for Crop Science

Gain a global overview and manage your business, not your spreadsheets.

Focus on strategy instead of firefighting by harmonizing your data and documents linked together in a central system. Veeva's solution for Crop Science companies helps you:

  • Gain agility with real-time portfolio and pipeline management
  • Digitally institutionalize processes for efficiency, transparency and error reduction
  • Coordinate globally and act locally
  • Enhance collaboration across functions and with external partners

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Solutions for Specialty Chemicals Industry

  • Increase business and customer trust by resolving compliance questions quickly and accurately.
  • Enable agility and accelerate growth with real time dashboards and reports.
  • Drive efficiencies by harmonizing compliance processes and data.
  • Collaborate seamlessly and transparently in a single system of record.

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Your Challenges - Our Solutions

Global Regulatory Compliance

Quality Management

Claims Management

Specialty Chemical companies typically support a wide array of market applications and geographies with robust product portfolios and pipelines resulting in a complex web of assessments, authorizations, approvals, registrations and communications.  Veeva manages the complexity for you creating one truth for data, documents and processes that is easy to use.

  • Global registration portfolios and pipelines
  • Submission/assessment planning and workflow
  • Regulatory review and approval workflow and control
  • Regulatory authority communications and commitments
  • Dossier and compliance document creation templates and workflow (FCN, REACH…)
  • Underlying data and document management (SDS, studies, assessments, approvals…)
  • Compliance document management (regulatory data sheets, SVHC declarations, certificates…)

"The Veeva Vault Platform helped us transform and speed up our regulatory processes. It streamlines product submissions and establishes a single source of truth across all stakeholders. It provides us with the needed visibility and helps us increase our productivity."

Dr. Landry Le Chevanton, Head of RAQM/Operations at DSM

Veevas Solutions for Specialty Chemicals

Gain a global overview and manage your business, not your spreadsheets.

Focus on strategy instead of firefighting by harmonizing your data and documents linked together in a central system. Veeva's solution for Specialty Chemical companies helps you manage

  • Submissions, registrations and authorizations
  • Products, raw materials, substances and variations
  • Suppliers
  • Dossiers and corresponding documentation

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Respond to businesses
and customers faster

Real-time reports provide visibility and insight

100% transparently

Reduce errors using templates and workflows

Track and assign activities and deadlines

seamlessly online


Access all your documents and data in one system

Syngenta customer story

Syngenta modernized and optimized its regulatory function by moving to the cloud

In 2019, Syngenta's Seeds Division implemented Veeva's cloud-based Regulatory solution for their Regulatory and Product Safety teams. With it, they replaced numerous disjointed tools that provided little or no transparency into the status of global regulatory activities.


What Our Customers Are Saying

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Founded in 2007, Veeva NYSE (VEEV), is a leading global provider of cloud-based software solutions for the consumer goods, chemical, life sciences and other industries. Our applications enable manufacturers to realize the benefits of a modern, cloud-based platform to manage the product journey and bring innovative, high-quality products to market faster without compromising compliance. Veeva is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Latin America.

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