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Quality, Regulatory & Claims Management
Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Veeva helps chemical organizations bring innovative,
high quality products to market with more agility.

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Veeva's Cloud-based Solutions for the Chemical Industry

Global markets, faster production cycles and changing regulations - some chemical companies fear those trends, others embrace them as opportunities to create better, safer and more sustainable chemical products. While some still deal with unconnected systems and broken processes based on legacy technology, spreadsheets or paper, others use disruptive technologies - and gain competitive advantages.

One single source of truth for regulatory and quality documents, data and processes - globally - that is no future dream. Companies like BASF, DSM, Syngenta, Aker BioMarine and Nufarm already use modern cloud solutions to foster innovation, accelerate their product journey, produce high quality products and stay on top of regulatory changes.

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Quality Management

Quality Management

Document Management

Document Management

Regulatory Management

Regulatory Management

Claims Management

Claims Management

Veeva Vault



Read our solutions overview and learn how Veeva can help you to bring innovative, high-quality products to market faster and ...

  • Centralize product and registration status, globally and regionally
  • Manage due dates and timelines for registration processes (e.g. REACH, TSCA)
  • Ensure compliance with quality standards
  • Manage product and marketing claims
  • Support cross-functional collaboration and training

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Founded in 2007, Veeva's cloud solutions are trusted by more than 650 customers in 150 countries.

"Nufarm markets crop protection products in more than 100 countries. So it is a tough and yet very important task to comply with increasingly demanding regulatory environments around the globe. We were looking for an easier way to manage all related data and content and found Veeva RegulatoryOne - a single, authoritative solution for all our compliance and regulatory needs. Their solution maturity and engagement impressed us."

Ray Hamilton | Head European Regulatory Lead, Nufarm Europe GmbH

Quality Management Software for the Chemical Industry

Quality Management plays a vital role in bringing safe and compliant chemical products to market. A loose combination of spreadsheets, email, and locally stored files that are laden with risk, prone to errors and inefficient does not constitute a chemical-grade Quality Management solution. QualityOne is a cloud based, unified quality management solution that helps chemical companies manage everything; quality processes, documents and data within a single application that can be securely accessed by employees, suppliers, contract manufacturers and auditors. 


QualityOne includes:

  • Document control
  • Non-conformance management & analysis
  • Complaint management
  • Corrective & preventive actions (CAPA)
  • Audit management
  • Supplier quality qualification and management
  • Training

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Regulatory Affairs

Today's Regulatory landscape is constantly evolving, from ingredient transparency laws to registration and data requirements with REACH and TSCA. Managing compliance, testing, and registrations for raw materials and formulas can be challenging, and constantly evolving. Unify and coordinate all facets of the regulatory process. Replace bespoke, manual systems with a single, authoritative cloud solution for all your compliance and regulatory needs, so you can have the agility to respond to changing regulations.

RegulatoryOne helps you gain these efficiencies, improve time to market, while providing transparency across your entire organization and into each product release gate that a product passes through on its way to market. 

Veeva helps you to manage:

  • The production and approval of your dossiers and datasheets (e.g. SDS)
  • Dossiers based on templates (e.g. CADDY, REACH, ePRISM, PIF)
  • Submissions and re-registration schedules to avoid missed deadlines
  • Regulatory impact assessment
  • Reporting and dashboards for global tracking of product approvals
  • Compliance by country/state/region, product and market
  • Efficacy and safety studies
  • Commitments to and correspondence with authorities

Hundreds of customers from emerging companies to Fortune Global 500 trust
Veeva to manage their most important processes, documents, and data.

"We run reports on a wide range of document lifecycle metrics across the enterprise,and are now able to anticipate potential bottlenecks or compliance risk well in advance! "

Cam Weyker | I Vice President CMG Regulatory and Quality Horizon Pharma

Claims Management

In the highly regulated chemical industry, a unified, end-to-end process for managing product claims and related substantiation and marketing assets is critical. Unsubstantiated or off-label claims can have a significant impact on the business. Veeva Claims unifies product and marketing claims, substantiation documentation, and claims review and approval of marketing assets, for end-to-end real time visibility into the claims lifecycle. Reduce legal and regulatory risk with a single, unified claims solution.

Veeva connects legal, regulatory, R&D, and marketing, and manages:

  • Claim creation, substantiation, review, and approval
  • Tracking of in-market claim usage
  • Review and approval of marketing assets and labels
  • Internal and external access and permissions

Operational Excellence

Veeva eliminates obstacles to agile product innovation by making the following easier:

  • Automation of workflows allowing for seamless collaboration
  • Jointly drafting/editing responses
  • Collaborating with external parties
  • Trusting in a single source of truth
  • Fast global interactions

Global Collaboration

Global Collaboration

Vault Platform

The Veeva Vault Platform is the underlying multi-tenant cloud foundation for Veeva's solution offerings. It provides the basis for configuring, customizing, and extending our solutions.

Veeva Vault is architected to meet the most rigorous usability, scalability, performance, regulatory, and security requirements. The Vault Platform was built from the ground up by cloud software and Veeva Vault experts and is trusted by hundreds of customers in highly regulated industries to manage their most sensitive documents and data.

From process to discrete manufacturing to regulated services, any combination, Vault can support requirements across your business units, like ISO, GxP, and 21 CFR directives, and has the flexibility to meet your organization’s unique needs. 

Ready to explore how Veeva can help you transform your organization? 

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