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    Syngenta has transformed and simplified Regulatory Management with Veeva. Watch our interview with Dr. Mike Heneghan, Technology Solutions and Services Lead at

    Syngenta, who answers questions like:

    • What major challenges do Crop Sciences and Agrochem companies face today?
    • Why did Syngenta look for a new Regulatory Management solution?
    • Why did they decide for Veeva?
    • What are the major benefits of using a global Cloud solution for Regulatory Management?
    • One year after going live, how do users rate their experience with Veeva?

    Founded in 2007, Veeva's cloud solutions are trusted by more than 950+ customers in 165+ countries.

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    Efficiency, speed and innovation are critical to success in delivering safe crop protection and seed solutions to meet growing global food demands. Veeva provides modern, easy-to-use, and unified solutions for regulatory, QHSE, studies and advertising claims management enabling Crop Sciences Organizations to accelerate growth and reduce risk.

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    Understanding the Evolving Role & Responsibilities of the Regulatory Affairs Professional

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    From weeks to seconds: see how Syngenta modernized and optimized its regulatory function by moving to the cloud.


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