Global prestige beauty leader enables its growth strategy, leapfrogs competition, and drives better business outcomes through product insight to launch transformation. The Company and Veeva have aligned a joint business partnership to innovate and collaborate to transform business operations across the value chain.


Key Result: Consolidated 483,000 product registrations into a global single system of truth, streamlining registration processes, improving forecasting, and increasing compliance across 33 brands and 53 markets.

Veeva Solutions and Services: Cloud-based platform, Professional Services, Quality Management, Regulatory Management, Advertising Claims Management, Clinical Study Management

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To meet consumers’ elevated expectations for personalization and service, compete with digital first brands, and lead in this highly competitive market, beauty companies are heavily investing in digital innovation.

– Amazon Web Services.  [Source]

The Goal

Business and technology leadership at The Company were in the midst of a broad-ranging global organizational transformation. They sought a technology partner who could help them break down silos to continuously improve processes, increase collaboration, and maximize total quality across the value chain. As its employees increasingly need to work from anywhere, this organization also sought technology that would integrate global teams and enable modern, faster, and more flexible ways to work.

As a part of this effort, The Company sought to rethink and reshape legacy business processes to become more proactive, agile, transparent, efficient, fungible, and compliant. Given the scale and complexity of its product portfolio, teams also needed digital solutions that could facilitate global harmonization without infringing on local and regional flexibility.

“Technology is a catalyst…but the goal is to transform, not implement yet another platform.”

The Strategy

The Company has repeatedly chosen Veeva as a key technology partner for modernizing and streamlining core business areas across the value chain, including regulatory management, quality management, supplier management, advertising claims substation, and clinical study management. Across these projects, Veeva’s team of technology experts has thrived working “in the trenches” with corporate teams to document existing processes, identify areas for consolidation and improvement, and transform how the work gets done.

The partnership began in 2019 with reenvisioning the global product registration process to break down silos and increase speed, responsiveness, and compliance. One of the benefits of Veeva’s cloud platform and regulatory application is its flexibility to adapt to meet unique business needs. In the early stages of this project, the Veeva team worked collaboratively to configure the solution to handle the scale and complexity of such a large global product portfolio. The success of this initial project was capitalized upon in subsequent projects, giving the joint team the confidence and mutual trust to explore transforming other business areas.

Technology alone cannot not achieve business transformation. The Company and Veeva teams have worked together to deploy the change management and skills training necessary to ensure stakeholder awareness, buy-in, and adoption.

Now, Veeva’s configurable platform and applications are enabling corporate teams to establish a single source of truth for these departments’ global content, data, and processes, leading to significant operational improvements and cost savings, and accelerated speed to market.


If you truly want to do compliance as a competitive advantage, as a way to enter markets faster and be first movers, you can only really do that with technology.

Vice President, Global Quality Center of Excellence

Results and Future Outlook

The Company’s digital transformation activities with Veeva are breaking down historic departmental silos to establish a single source of truth that centralizes content, processes and data that was previously spread across multiple disparate systems.

The flexibility of Vault Platform, coupled with The Company’s desire for a connected fabric of applications, is increasing the value that departments and teams have gained from leveraging multiple connected applications and is facilitating unprecedented collaboration across departments and with external partners.

In just a few short years, Veeva’s solutions have enabled more dynamic, connected, and harmonized processes across the organization. Results include:

  • Reducing direct product waste and logistics costs
  • Speeding new product launches
  • Streamlining process for entering new markets
  • Leveraging automation to pre-populate key documentation

Veeva’s technology solutions, combined with best practices drawn from deep consumer goods industry experience, are enabling The Company to adapt and comply with rapidly evolving market conditions in a faster, smarter, and more effective manner.

The Company plans to continue optimizing and transitioning business processes into Veeva solutions going forward. These new initiatives will build on past successes and provide greater opportunity for departments and teams to deliver value faster for its shareholders, stakeholders, and its customers, while aligning to its global quality, sustainability, and regulatory standards.


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