Cosmetic Compliance Spring

    Los Angeles, California

    Veeva is a proud sponsor and speaker at the 2019 Cosmetic Compliance spring conference. This event serves as an opportunity for the cosmetic community to come together and learn about compliance best practices, hear case studies from large and small companies, and learn how regulations are affecting the market now and in the future.

    Don't miss John Cooper, Veeva's director of strategy for claims, who will be on-site presenting:

    A Perfect Storm for Cosmetic Product Claims on the Horizon - Are You Prepared?

    The cosmetics category has undergone a seismic shift over the past several years as consumers have embraced natural/sustainable trends, resulting in an explosion of new brands from established and indie players.  This has increased the complexity of managing product claims in a category that is largely self regulated. However it’s likely we’ve only seen the first puffy clouds on the horizon, and the real weather is still to come.  Current and emerging trends such as personalization, wellness, globalization, fast-beauty, digital enablement, and accompanying supply chain challenges will combine to exponentially complicate the process of managing claims.  We’ll explore the impact of emerging trends on claims management and provide an action plan to help you weather the storm.