Panel Discussion: Innovation in a Circular Economy


Innovation in a Circular Economy

Today, the world seems to be at an inflection point. The coalescence of consumer concern, technological possibilities, industry initiatives and government regulations to encourage and enable a circular economy is creating a seachange across all industries.

Dr. Christian Haessler (Covestro), Dr. Richard Federowski (Roland Berger) and Andrew Douglass (Veeva Systems) discuss this holistic issue that evolves from circular supply chains over climate neutrality to a change of mindset of all of us. Addressing the end of life challenge of plastics is one part of it, but the more components a product has, the more complex is the endeavor to sustainability.

Do you have all the product data you need to make informed decisions? To what extent do you need to share data with your suppliers, customers and end consumers? Every company must close the loop and provide reliable answers to consumer demands, which requires a much closer cooperation between companies and industries than in the past. Digital transformation is an enabler for this (r)evolution and all innovation coming with it.

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