Achieving Operational Excellence Across Quality, Safety, and Training

Quality Webinar Series Overview:

Operational Excellence in the Age of Digitalization

This introduction to the five-part series sets the stage in an interview style discussion between our strategists



PART 1: Supply Chain Compliance

Ensuring Competitive Advantage in GxP Compliant Supply Chains

Our lead strategist for Quality demonstrates how compliance and speed are not mutually exclusive in a QualityOne demo environment



PART 2: Supplier Management

Innovating Supplier Management for a Resilient Supply Chain

Watch how digital solutions are allowing collaboration within supply chains in a demo of the QualityOne supplier management functionality.



PART 3: Health, Safety and Environment

Synergizing HSE and Digital Innovation

Learn how operational excellence can be elevated to new heights through synergies between HSE and quality management.



PART 4: Training Management

The Benefits of a Unified Approach to Regulatory Compliance Training

Our lead strategist for Vault Training along with our senior solution consultant demonstrate our unified training solution in a demo environment.




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Hosting the Webinar

David Egée_320x320 (2)

David Egée

Director of Strategy, Quality

Veeva Systems 

David brings more than 20 years experience to this role and will be responsible for further integrating the cosmetics industry’s unique requirements and trends into Veeva’s software solutions.

David spent the past 12 years at Parfums Christian Dior, most recently as the director of quality. Prior to this role, he led the microbiology, chemistry, sensory and industrialization laboratories, and was production manager for the perfume and packaging department, where he led a team of 120 people committed to industrial performance and product quality. 

Daniel Madureira 320x320

Daniel Borges Madureira

Director of Strategy QualityOne

Veeva Systems 

Daniel Borges Madureira is the Director of QualityOne Chemical Strategy. He has a passion for looking into ways of taking quality processes to the next level by changing mindsets, behaviors and actions through new solutions.

With a background in industrial engineering and experience working with the top 5 automotive, semiconductor and chemical companies in the world, Daniel knows the pains and gains of running quality processes with and without intelligently designed tools.

Johnny Ha

Jonathan Ha

Director of Vault
Training Strategy

Veeva Systems 

Jonathan Ha is the Director of Training Strategy at Veeva, where he leverages his 14 years of experience in learning management systems, training, and customer success to grow Veeva's MedTech and Consumer Products customer base.

Prior to Veeva, Jonathan led the implementation of a global eLearning development strategy, grew a Learning Solutions practice, and developed sales and retention strategies for a global life sciences LMS.

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