Web Industries: Staying Compliant Across Global Markets



Learn why Web Industries chose Veeva QualityOne to stay compliant, gain a greater understanding of business performance through better visibility and allowed them to scale business globally to multiple markets.

Q: What was the business case or driver to look for a new solution?
A: The initial reason why we selected Veeva because it was a software solution that gave us confidence in our ability to be compliant [in] our medical device market.

Now, why we’re really trying to extend and challenge the partnership allows us to scale our business across a global platform across multiple markets in a way that allows not only to articulate compliance, but to gain better understanding of our performance and to drive accountable actions and allow us to build a management structure from the bottom up. That ultimately allows us to have better visibility [into] what help is needed and how to celebrate the great work being done throughout the way.

Q: How has your experience been working with the Veeva Services team?
A: Working with Veeva’s Service organization has been fantastic. They’ve been patient with myself and Web to go on our own internal evolution and understanding of what we needed.But they’ve also been really listeners into what makes Web unique and have provided me the confidence that we could be selecting a software solution that’s not just accessible for us in a static point in time, but one that will grow and mature with us as we continue to scale.

The exciting potential we are seeing is the mobile and tablet interface that Web Industries were having a population of skilled start to retire. And they’re being replenished with a younger workforce that’s more conditioned to the mobile tablet interface in what Veeva is starting. What we aspire to do is how we push relevant information to them through that means, but also receive critical feedback from us through that means. It’s only going to make us better and better.

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