Connecting the Dots Between Food Safety & Sustainability

With recent shifts in consumer perceptions and buying habits, there is an increased need for F&B companies to prioritise not only food safety but also the production of high-quality, safe food that aligns with sustainability ideals.

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how to:

  • Improve Supply Chain Transparency
  • Streamline Quality Assurance Processes
  • Digitalise Occupational Health & Safety Management

Webinar Host

Natasha (1)

Natasha Telles Dcosta

APAC Director of Strategy for Food & Beverage 

Veeva Systems 

Natasha Telles Dcosta serves as the APAC Director of Strategy for Food & Beverage at Veeva Systems. Throughout her career, Natasha has been a strong advocate for an insight-driven food and fiber industry, rather than one that merely follows trends. She firmly believes that "consumers buy concepts, not products" and emphasizes the importance of cultural competence in driving narratives within APAC markets. The APAC region holds a unique position to capitalize on this approach for fostering innovation, provided that proper investment is made in assurance and credibility.

Before joining Veeva, Natasha led the APAC Nutrition consulting division of a management consulting firm and held senior positions within the New Zealand government.

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