Adaptability and Continuous Improvement: Key Takeaways from the 2020 Veeva Quality & Regulatory Global Summit


Day three of the complimentary virtual 2020 Veeva Quality & Regulatory Global Summit kicked off with an inspiring cross-industry keynote focused on adaptability. Then Summit participants engaged in dedicated Quality, Regulatory, and Advertising Claims track content, including Veeva roadmap sessions co-led by our strategy and product leaders. 

With so many learnings, stories, and new product features in today’s packed agenda, it was difficult to narrow it down to just a few favorites! 

Here are our biggest takeaways from Summit day three: 

David Egee KeynoteTakeaway #1 The Why, What, and How of Corporate Adaptability  

Day three’s opening keynote panel took us across the Atlantic where Veeva Strategy Director David Egee, former Quality Director for Dior, moderated a discussion between three industry-leading organizations: L’Oreal, BASF, and Reckitt Benckiser. Together, they explored why it’s valuable to invest in corporate adaptability, what it means to be adaptable, and most importantly, how can we become more adaptable. 

Technology, specifically cloud-based applications and platforms like Veeva’s, emerged as a critical success factor for empowering individuals, teams, and departments to adapt to this year’s challenging circumstances and beyond. “We require IT solutions that are globally accessible, secure, and adaptable to local requirements,” shared BASF. “This is especially relevant when we have less physical interaction and we rely on our IT systems to share knowledge across the globe. This is only possible with a global solution that can be modified easily to fit our changing needs.” 

The panelist from RB reinforced this point, stating that “The events of 2020 have really sharpened our focus on ‘Can the platform that we’ve chosen also enable adaptability in a world of increasing change?’”

Other panelists shared broader reflections on how this year has tested their organizational adaptability. “The COVID crisis accelerated the change of consumer behavior that wants us to be more digital, more sustainable, and more efficient,” summarized the panelist from L’Oreal. 

Do you want to know how L’Oreal quickly reprioritized and adapted to meet the accelerated demands of the moment, and convert manufacturing capabilities to producing hydroalcoholic hand sanitizer in under two weeks? Learn the answer and hear all of the panelists’ full remarks by registering or logging in to view the on-demand recording.

Takeaway #2  Partnering Directly with Customers to Continuously Improve Our Solutions

Our Quality, Regulatory, and Advertising Claims tracks ended with flair as Veeva strategy and product leaders highlighted how our platform and solutions have helped meet customer needs in our most recent releases, and what Veeva customers have to look forward to in the coming year’s roadmaps.  

One example the QualityOne team shared of directly addressing customer needs was when they partnered with Unilever to apply AI-driven automation to the “manual, time consuming and error prone” intake process for Certificates of Analysis (CoAs). The resulting capability is helping Unilever achieve “exponential savings by eliminating the manual review of hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of certificates” and is now available for  the benefit of all QualityOne customers. 

Do you want to see more examples like these of how Veeva’s platform and applications are continually improving to transform our customers' business operations? Register or login to view the product roadmap and other sessions on-demand at your convenience.

What to Expect Tomorrow for the Final Day of Summit - Transparency Keynote and Dedicated IT Track

We hope you’ll login to the Summit tomorrow for our final day. We’ll kick things off with the keynote panel “What's in your product? Taking Transparency from Buzz to Business” featuring senior leaders from P&G, L’Occitane, and IFF. 

Then we will be wrapping up with two dedicated IT sessions. The first one will focus on taking full advantage of Veeva release cycles led by our product advisory team. The second session will take attendees through several integration use cases our team has seen and how to tackle end-to-end business challenges your organization might be facing right now. You don’t want to miss it! 

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