Key Takeaways from the 2020 Veeva Quality & Regulatory Global Summit Day 1


Today, hundreds of quality, regulatory, legal, IT and marketing practitioners from across the globe joined the first day of the complimentary virtual 2020 Veeva Quality & Regulatory Global Summit. 

Over the next few days, the Summit will feature more than 20 sessions, and 30+ industry speakers from the consumer goods, chemical and cosmetics industries.

In just three hours of their workday, today the Summit participants:

  • Learned actionable lessons from the first of this year’s 20 high-quality sessions
  • Engaged in lively real-time Q&A with industry leaders from companies like Unilever, Reckitt Benkiser, Estee Lauder, and Colgate-Palmolive
  • Networked with other attendees, as well as Veeva’s product and strategy experts

Here are our biggest takeaways from today’s sessions:

First Keynote1) Surviving Business Disruption Caused by the Pandemic is Only the Beginning

In the opening keynote panel hosted by Veeva Senior Vice President and General Manager Frank Defesche, Summit participants heard from senior leadership from top consumer goods and cosmetics companies about how they adapted to the sudden disruptions faced by their organizations and global supply chains earlier this year. 

Whether it was “getting the whole organization out of its silos to deliver the business” or an employee “walking 105 km from his home to a site to play his part in keeping business operations going”, companies took extraordinary steps in the first weeks and months of the pandemic to respond to the crisis. 

Reflecting now, months after the initial system shock felt across industries, panelists also explored what changes they expect to last in the years to come. As one keynote panelist noted, “Gone are the days of large system implementations - I call them ‘The Beast’ - that take years, cost millions, and are difficult to change once implemented. We need to think in thousands, and weeks, and days.”

Want to hear the whole story, including what priorities are driving these companies’ strategies today? Register or login to view this session recording and participate in the conference over the next 3 days, join the live Q&As and roundtable sessions.

Sneak Peak- Summit Day 1 “Fireside Chat” with Unilever2) Market Leaders are Repositioning Quality and Reimagining the Supplier Network 

The days of looking at Quality as simply a cost center or stage gate are over. In the Veeva customer keynote, Unilever Quality Manager Geert van Kempen sat down for a “fireside chat” with Veeva’s Vice President of Strategy Ed Van Siclen for a wide ranging conversation exploring topics such as how the pandemic acted “as an enormous accelerator for several things that were already happening” in the past decade, including Unilever’s industry leadership on sustainability and consumer demands for transparency. They also touched on how Quality has a “direct line to the voice of the consumer” and the central role of Quality in helping Unilever deliver faster, more insightful innovations.  

If you missed this revealing (and at times emotionally touching) conversation, or just want to relive the experience, register or login to view this session recording on-demand and participate in the conference over the next 3 days including live Q&As and roundtables. 

What to Expect on Summit Day 2 - Resiliency Keynote and Dedicated Tracks

We hope you’ll login to the Summit tomorrow for day two. We’ll kick things off with the keynote panel “Resilience Without Compromise During Disruption” featuring senior leaders from Procter & Gamble, Estee Lauder, and SEQENS. Then participants can choose from sessions in our dedicated Quality, Regulatory, and Advertising Claims tracks to dive deeper into the most pressing issues for their roles. 

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