With Veeva's Solutions for the Specialty Chemicals Industry, You Will:

Advance your reputation.


Set the new Specialty Chemicals industry standard for regulatory and safety excellence, and be seen as the trusted partner of choice for your customers.

Drive better business outcomes.


Accelerate profitable growth through operational and innovation excellence, agility, and resilience.

Stay ahead of your competition.


Meet new and evolving consumer and customer product needs faster while maintaining compliance.


Real Challenges, Real Outcomes

Unified Management Systems for Quality, HSE and Training

Drive operational excellence and improve QHSE performance with a modern, agile and digital approach.


Quality, HSE and Training processes are typically managed within a location with functional silos using outdated tools, leading to cost inefficiencies, increased risks, lack of transparency, and headwinds to creating a strong culture of safety and quality.

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Veeva’s Approach

Veeva Vault is a proven platform for managing Specialty Chemicals' Quality, HSE, and Training at enterprise scale. With seamless mobile and desktop capabilities, powerful out-of-the-box capabilities, and a flexible, highly configurable platform that can adapt quickly to your business needs, you can increase efficiency, transparency, and engagement across your enterprise.

Product and Raw Material Compliance Management

Accelerate time to market by flexibly adapting to changing customer and regulatory requirements.


Demand for trusted and transparent products has increased drastically. Consumers want to know how a product might affect their health, the quality of its production processes, and the sustainability of its ingredients. Government and non-government organizations are responding in kind with new regulations, standards, and labels. Reducing time-to-market while meeting these evolving consumer preferences and shifting regulatory requirements puts tremendous pressure on Specialty Chemicals Product Compliance teams and requires strong collaboration with their customers.

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Veeva’s Approach

Veeva Consumer Product Cloud is a dedicated solution to ensure that your products are always in complete compliance with evolving consumer and regulatory requirements. The application enables you to simplify and digitalize core regulatory processes like responding to compliance information requests, performing raw material assessments, sending supplier questionnaires, and supporting the development of compliant product claims. The result is a more strategic compliance function that improves operational efficiency, grows brand trust, and provides the business with the ability to accelerate new product introduction in a way that wins the hearts of the new socially conscious consumer.

Cloud Solutions for Enterprise GxP Compliance

Meet the compliance demands of crop protection, tobacco, consumer health and pharma customers.


As a supplier of APIs, Biocides, Pesticides or other highly regulated chemicals, compliance cannot be compromised. Audit readiness anytime, anywhere, is a crucial element of a fully compliant and highly efficient management system.

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Veeva’s Approach

Veeva Vault is the platform of choice for both the world’s leading pharma and crop protection companies and their suppliers. Built from the ground-up with validation, product compliance and speed as the focus, our solutions for Quality, Regulatory, Clinical and more will provide your organization with the confidence and capability to be the trusted supplier of choice.

A Cloud Platform that Enables Innovation at the Pace of Customers and Consumers

Become supplier-of-choice with modern software solutions to meet the agility, speed and differentiation of the beauty, personal, and home care industries.


The beauty, personal, and home care industry is characterized by unrelenting demands for product innovation and speed to meet rapidly evolving consumer needs and hypersegmentation. Delivering products to customers that meet a complex array of consumer, customer, government, NGO and sustainability requirements requires new tools that unlock product data, break organizational silos and enhance collaboration.


Veeva’s Approach

Veeva Vault is the platform of choice for the world's most prestigious Beauty, Personal, and Home Care Companies and their Specialty Chemical partners. By connecting people, processes, and data inside the organization and along the supply chain, product transparency and sustainable innovation are accelerated and differentiating, margin-accretive product benefits and claims are unlocked.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Eliminate supplier risk while building a compliant, cost-effective and continuously improving supply chain.


Modern quality management and product stewardship no longer stops with the four walls of your company. The value chain is now so connected that the quality failure of a supplier can be as costly as the failure of your own quality system. But traditional methods of assessing and qualifying raw materials and collaborating with suppliers on quality management processes are burdensome and time-consuming, and distract from your own team's quality and product compliance objectives.


Veeva’s Approach

Veeva Consumer Product Cloud is a digital solution that embeds control and transparency into your supplier relationships and simplifies partner collaboration. The application structures, strengthens, and automates key processes from vendor qualification and audits to sending supplier raw material questionnaires and processing incoming certificates of analyses. User-level permissions and built-in data integrity controls enable you to provide in-system access to suppliers so you can directly integrate them into your quality processes. The result is increased operational agility from more collaborative supplier relationships and increased efficiency through automated data transfer that eliminates the need for endless scanning of documents, copy and pasting, and transcribing data.


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The task of managing food safety and quality is becoming more complicated. Between supply chain disruptions, sustainability requirements, building and maintaining a food safety culture, and pressures on manufacturing to keep the global food supply chain running, F&B organizations need ever-increasing agility. New and changing regulatory requirements make it difficult to stay current and compliant. Global supply chains mean more outsourcing and more requirements. An expanding product portfolio puts further strain on limited quality resources. Companies lack a unified view of all the data in the context of business operations and a structured process for communicating and sharing data with suppliers and external partners. The result is often an inability to extract information and insights from siloed data, so that they can stay ahead of, and adapt to, emerging risks because quality and food safety teams end up too focussed on maintaining processes instead of applying their expertise to interpreting the outcome of processes.


Delivering Results in the Specialty Chemicals Industry



Out of the Box for Immediate Benefits, Configurable for Your Unique Needs.

Accelerate product innovation, transparency and differentiation with modern digital solutions that ensure product market readiness and build consumer and customer trust.


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Drive operational excellence with unified quality, HSE and Training solutions that deliver efficiencies, resilience, agility and insight at enterprise scale.


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